Sustain honest wine makers in times of crisis.


Domenica BioDiversa brings tradition and artisanship into your home with the mission to support ethical and sustainable wine makers in times of crisis.


Our top-quality wines are personally selected from an exclusive platform of small and honest producers and are testimony to the biodiversity of Italian territory and wine tradition.


The wines we select for you will give you the opportunity to share a meaningful tasting experience and connect at a deep level with your beloved ones.

Why choosing BioDiversa?


Our offer does not only bring special wines at honest prices to your table, but also come with authentic stories of wineries and cultures to connect your tasting experience to the best of Italian farmers. To make sure that the wines are savored at their best, we commit to deliver the wine boxes personally at your front door.

An exclusive range of small Italian wineries


Our wines come from growers and producers that fully comply with the code of ethics established by the founders of Domenica. This accurate selection of the sources makes our offer very exclusive and unique. This also means that the wines could be limited in availability in some period of the year, but we work hard to always provide you with a wide choice of outstanding labels.

Biodiversity and slow food


Domenica is committed to preserving biodiversity. With BioDiversa we want to add another concrete action to sustain wine makers that every day operate with the mission of respecting the environment and preserving the diversity of grapes, plants and animals. By choosing BioDiversa, you do not only do good to yourself by drinking organic and biodynamic wines, but you also contribute to make wine and food production more sustainable and ethical.