“Rovescio” Veneto Bianco Bio 0,75L – Alc 13% (6btl)


Tenuta La Cà: Bardolino – Veneto – Northern Italy

This small and young winery is owned by 2 brothers. They propose an innovative way to make organic wine based on an extreme and meticulous distribution of the grape varieties into several small vineyards with the goal of valorizing the terroir to the fullest.

Price per bottle (€): 22

Box 6 bottles (€): 132  129

Appearance: bright yellow.

Nose: floral bouquet with notes of tropical fruits, pear and light hints of saffron.

Palatesavory and fresh.

Limited availability

Given the exclusivity and the limited production, our stock may be subject to change. We aim to extend our platform to other products and farmers during the next months. Stay tuned!

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