Paternopoli, Campania – Italia

Lorenzo Fonzone Caccese and his family founded the Fonzone winery in Patenopoli in 2005. Since then, making wine has become a continuous effort, made of responsibility, immagination and the constant strive for an excellence that is designed to last. That is why production is oriented towards a sustainable viticulture, which assesses and minimizes the impact of all the agricultural practices implemented in the winery.
The primary goal is the preservation of the environment and consumers’ health.


Venticano, Campania – Italia

Oleificio FAM was founded by Flora, Antonio e Maria Tranfaglia in 1997 in Irpinia, a region that is traditionally known for the production of excellent oil and wines.

FAM’S olives are carefully selected, hand picked one by one and cold pressed to preserve the flavour and properties of the fruit.


DANI coop – Gustarosso
Sarno, Campania – Italia

DANIcoop is an agricultural cooperative with more than 100 members amongst farmers and experts.

DANIcoop meticulously supervises the entire production process of Gustarosso tomatoes, providing their members with seeds, plants and technical assistance throughout cropping and harvesting. Hence, behind every single can of tomatoes there is a complex chain, made up of farmers, experts and strict controls on the raw material, which aims at ensuring full transparency and traceability along the supply chain.


Ariano Irpino, Campania – Italia

The farm is located on an uncontaminated hill in Ariano Irpino (Avellino). The Caccese family produces high quality wheat using ancient grains, which are lowly productive, but extremely rich in proteins and fibers. The cropping process is completely natural and no pesticides are used in the farm, to ensure the absolute absence of glyfosates in the flour.